How Do I Start Physical Therapy?

It Just Might Be Easier Than You Think.
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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get relief no matter if you had a prescription from your provider or not? That’s something special about our center. Getting our hands-on care is actually pretty simple!

Begin with your visit to your medical practitioner. If they see a need, they will prescribe Physical Therapy. 

When they are filling that prescription out for you, be sure to request that they put the name of our clinic, iNTouch Physical Therapy on that prescription form to help ensure that your health insurance will cover it.

For directions and forms specifically for your medical provider, please visit this page.


We are certified by the State of Oregon for Direct Access. This means you may see a Physical Therapist without a physician’s prescription; however, check with your insurance provider as your plan may not reimburse for Physical Therapy services without seeing your physician first.

If, according to your insurance, you are able to begin Physical Therapy without a visit to your physician, the Physical Therapist can see you for 60 days for that diagnosis. If you are in need of care beyond that 60 days you will need to see your physician to continue Physical Therapy.


Just talk with us and we’ll get you the details you need so you can budget accordingly.

Don't Be Shy. Our Hands-On Therapists Specialize in Healing Touch.

Rather than hook you to a machine and leave you for the duration of your appointment, you’ll experience a significantly different, and caring approach here. Our clients rave about it.