“Physical Therapy at iNTouch has absolutely made all the difference in my life, it’s true, they are the best!”

Bonnie L.

“I would not have the ability to function if I didn’t come to iNTouch. Physical Therapy with Michelle has given me relief from severe pain which affects me mentally too.  It gives me relief so that I can do my job and live my life.”

Pam M.

“Could not speak higher of any PT! My son has started going here and I tell everyone at work, even my clients. I am a registered RN and can’t believe how much better my life is because of iNTouch Physical Therapy. Every staff member is wonderful. Can’t praise them enough!”


“I was a patient of yours [Ellen Nona] twenty some years ago… I wanted to say thank you again for your healing touch, wisdom, and intuition. I’m still running! I don’t even remember the exact year we met anymore. But probably around 1900? 1986?… I still live near Santa Barbara & coach endurance runners (marathoners) & still pass along much of what you taught me (icing, stretching, & pain). Wishing you all the best.”

Tom W.

iNTouch has helped me so much.  They have given me more opportunities to do what I like to do.  I am retired and they have helped to keep me active and moving.”

Jamon K.

“I had rotator cuff repair on my shoulder and had PT at a different clinic with no results.  When iNTouch was recommended I decided to give them a try.  Cindy did a marvelous job and I saw immediate progress.”

Steve K.

“If you haven’t been to iNTouch Physical Therapy in Tualatin, Oregon, you have not yet experienced PT at its best. I drive over 100 miles, one way, for treatment by any one of iNTouch’s professionals. Why? Because they get results…and I get relief. iNTouch PTs effectively treat my multiple sclerosis pain and limitations. I am grateful to have experienced improved strength, balance, flexibility and mobility. I cannot believe how great I feel after a month of weekly visits. I’d do about anything to get the results I’m enjoying from the treatments at iNTouch Physical Therapy.”

Jan K.

iNTouch PT has helped me immensely before and after my knee surgery, giving me my quality of life back.  I couldn’t imagine recovery without iNTouch. They are a knowledgable, caring and professional group.”

Keara S.

“I could hardly move when I first started at iNTouch PT.  I have now learned ways to relax my muscles and how to do self-management for the times in between my session.  I can’t believe how much better I feel!”

Julie F.

“I have degenerative disc disease and have had severe back pain for years!  I have been to many physical therapists over the years, and none have been as wonderful as Jocelyn!  She not only provided rather heavenly soft tissue mobilization, but has also provided me with a home exercise program  and many invaluable suggestions for adapting my home environment for maximum comfort.  I can’t live without her!  (I have a 45 minute commute to get to iNTouch, but it’s more than worth it)!”

Helaine G.

“I made the mistake of going to another place for PT. After 3 months I came back to iNTouch for their unique physical therapy which includes healing and compassion. It is not the normal PT which makes it outstanding!”

JoAnn L.

“I started therapy for a prolapsed uterus as a way to postpone what I thought was necessary surgery.  I was surprised at how quickly I felt so much better and after only four sessions I was considered “cured” enough to stop therapy.  Now I have no intention of doing any type of surgery and I feel better than I have for a long time!”

Linda S.

“I have had a back problem for more than 15 years and wasn’t able to have it corrected until I met you and you told me I could feel better in a months time.  I wanted you to know that you were right!”

Dave M.

“I look forward to my PT appointments. Not only is the atmosphere pleasant, but the therapists are truly “iNTouch” with what my body needs. My daily living is greatly enhanced by the work that is done on my body and with the exercises given for me to do on my own.”

Verna B.

“About 4 years ago I injured my right shoulder in a skiing accident. My provider told me I wouldn’t be able to golf that summer at all. Because of my wonderful therapist, I was able to start golfing within 6 months, and I was back skiing the following year. I followed my therapist’s directions to a tee, now my arm is almost 100%. My Orthopedist was amazed at the results, (he is also a skier), and tells everyone what an example I am due to my Physical Therapy.”

Dixie L.

iNTouch Physical Therapy is the best!  I have gone to other physical therapists in the past, but the difference in quality is amazing.  The staff here are warm and welcoming and take the time to truly listen to your concerns in order to accurately provide treatment.  I have recommended iNTouch to family and friends and will continue to do so.”

Diane W.

“Our family provider referred my wife and me to iNTouch. She said your therapists were the best she knew of. BULL’S EYE! iNTouch has the touch. Both of us found immediate relief.”

Jon O.

“This is my second experience with iNTouch Physical Therapy and both times I have received excellent treatment and positive results. The great thing is; that they have equipped me with exercises to do at home which reinforces the treatment I received.”


“To my FABULOUS team! I can’t thank you enough for the excellent care I received from you all. I have decided to stay on part time status until the end of the year. I am doing great. I have received so many comments ‘You are walking SO well.’  I don’t have any pain & no limp. All because of you! Now that I am back to baking 60+ doz. cookies a day, you will be seeing me soon with a plate of cookies just for you!”

Candi P.

“I first came to iNTouch Physical Therapy in pain from TMJ and pain from my neck down across my front shoulder. I am no longer in pain because of the great care and work of the Physical Therapist here at iNTouch Physical Therapy. Soon after we discovered I need to have shoulder surgery, two severed tendons and a torn rotator cuff. I came back to iNTouch Physical Therapy for their help in healing from that surgery. They have brought me so far in my healing process, then the unforeseen happened, I was injured at work and needed to come back for their help again from the new injuries I received. I really don’t know where I would be without all their help in bringing me back from all I have been through over the last two or so years. I am so grateful for all the wonderful care and service I have received here at iNTouch Physical Therapy. Would not be where I am today without them.”

Debbie S.

“Jocelyn is amazing! She is a gifted physical therapist who has helped me with issues from pelvic floor pain to TMJ. It’s been absolutely a life-changer for me.”

Michel F.

“I have been a patient at iNTouch Physical Therapy for over 1 1/2 years. I had major back and hand surgery. I cannot say enough about the level of expertise and knowledge that all of the physical therapists working with me have used in bringing me back to health. I have been to 2 other PT clinics in Portland for other previous issues. None of them compared to the level of care that I have received at iNTouch. The staff is fabulous, friendly and very efficient. I always look forward to seeing them as I know when I leave I am going to feel better than when I arrived. They aren’t just therapists, they are now my friends.”

Sue C.

“I have had therapy for 3 injuries over the past 2-3 years: back, knees and a shoulder… Each series of treatments has not only been successful, but most pleasant working with my therapist, Michelle Polas, and the entire iNTouch staff. “

Ken B.

“Awesome……Jocelyn is magical!”

Christy R.

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