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What Should I Expect?

Here's What Happens On Your First Visit.
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We like to get a real feel for your concerns during your first visit. You’ll find that we’re quite thorough–we don’t want to miss anything that might help us help you feel better faster!

During your first visit (about one hour) your Physical Therapist will provide you with a thorough-paced exam in our private treatment rooms. Be prepared to talk over your needs/concerns, goals, pain and lack of mobility/function. Your visit will include postural, strength, and pain assessments unique to you.

  • Health History Questionnaire
  • Physical Therapy Referral/Prescription
    (if you don’t have one, see this page).
  • Health Insurance Card
  • Any info that would assist us for your treatment
    (i.e. xRay reports, MRI reports).
  • If you use an assistive item (like a walker or cane) or use a brace or appliance (i.e. shoe orthotics) that relate to the issue you need help with, please bring that with you as well.

Wear comfortable clothes that you can stand, sit, and stretch easily in.  If we’ll be looking at your thighs or knees, shorts are a great choice!

Our treatment rooms are private, but we still want you to feel completely comfortable 🙂


If you’re coming for help with a female or male specific issue, you’re coming to the right place. We help people with this stuff all the time with tremendous results. Our clients love that we offer a safe and secure environment so you can get the healing you need.

Don't Be Shy. Our Hands-On Therapists Specialize in Healing Touch.

Rather than hook you to a machine and leave you for the duration of your appointment, you’ll experience a significantly different, and caring approach here. Our clients rave about it.